Understanding Prematurity – How to Talk to Parents of Preemies

A Resource for Family, Friends, and Supporters When a baby is born early and needs the kind of care only a neonatal intensive care unit can provide,it can be so hard to know what to say to the mom and dad standing watch over the isolette. When I was in the NICU with my daughter […]

Guilt Is Normal in the NICU and Beyond

I still feel guilty about my daughter being born at 28/5 and she’s 3 1/2 now. I always questioned myself, what if I had done this or that, or did something differently. But at the end of the day, I had to just trust God and thank him for giving me a miracle baby. And […]

What Preemie Parents Need Most of All

What Preemie Parents Need Most of All

Having a preemie is scary no matter how far along you are when your baby is born. Chances are good your preemie was born unexpectedly. If yours, like mine, wasn’t a high-risk pregnancy, chances are also good that your doctor or midwife never mentioned the possibility of premature birth beyond telling you to call in […]