NICU Care Package

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Our NICU Care Package is designed for parents of premature babies during their journey in the neo-natal intensive care unit.

Transition Home Care Package

Transition Home

The Transition Home Care Package was created to provide useful information and resources and help ease the overwhelming feeling that can accompany this exciting time.

Remembrance Care Package

Our Remembrance Care Package provides useful information for the healing process and also a memento to help you remember your baby.

“Hi there.. I recently received a package from you guys with a charm inside and my son’s name engraved on it. I just wanted to say how much my husband and I appreciated it! Our little angel Israel passed in September after 2 months of fighting.. He was born at 24 weeks.. Soon after he was born I had also received the wonderful care package from you guys!! It was amazing! Thank you so so so so much! I’m really interested in helping out! Thanks again! God bless your little Graham for making all this possible!!!!”

Danielle Bullock

Care Packages for Preemies

Our care packages are designed to meet the needs of parents of preemies at various stages of the prematurity journey, from the early days in the NICU to the transition home. We also recognize that mothers and fathers who have said goodbye to their babies whether in or out of the hospital need support, too. We offer three varieties of care package – one for parents in the NICU, one for families transitioning from hospital to home, and one for mothers and fathers who have suffered a loss.

When requesting one of our complimentary care packages, please choose the care package most appropriate for your situation at the time of your order. If you’re a parent of preemie multiples, order a single care package and let us know whether you have twins, triplets, or higher order multiples when placing your order so your care package can reflect your family’s circumstances. If you accidentally order more than one care package, we will reach out to you as soon as we can to clarify the details of your order.