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A Preemie Mom to Preemie Daughters

A Preemie Mom to Preemie Daughters

This story was shared with us by preemie mom Emily. To share your own story, click here. The NICU has been with me since the day of my birth. I’ve known that colloquial acronym for the neonatal intensive care unit for as long as I’ve known a child’s basic vocabulary, because I spent ten weeks […]

Thoughts On Celebrating a Preemie's Birthday

Thoughts On Celebrating a Preemie’s Birthday

This post comes from Graham’s Foundation Preemie Parent Mentor Brandi – many parents will be able to relate to her experiences celebrating her preemie’s birthday, which have come with ups and downs. On Thursday, my son turned two.  We have been preparing for the celebration by making a practice cake and cupcakes with buttercream icing.  […]

Today Was Supposed to Be Your Due Date

Today Was Supposed to Be Your Due Date

This post comes from our Preemie Parent Mentor Emily – her story will resonate with many preemie parents who wonder if there’s something they could have done to prevent premature birth. The fact is, however, that most premature birth happens without warning for reasons we don’t always understand. Today was supposed to be your due […]

We’re Previewing Our New Support Materials at the 21st NICU Leadership Forum

The parent-focused organization has updated its NICU and Transition Home care packages with a design created by experts in cooperation with families. In a press release, we recently announced Graham’s Foundation will preview its newly redesigned care packages for preemie parents at a booth shared with our longtime sponsor and supporter Bionix at the 21st […]

LEO - Born at 24 weeks, 2 days, 1 lb, 6 oz – 107 Days in NICU

How 24 Week Twins Inspired Two Parents to Give Back

Anne-Marie & Jonathan are not just Graham’s Foundation NICU Ambassadors. They’re also the parents behind one of the biggest annual Parents of Preemies Day celebrations! We had a chance to ask them about their prematurity journey and why they dedicated their time to helping a new generation of parents of preemies. Q. What was your […]