Life in the NICU

We’re Previewing Our New Support Materials at the 21st NICU Leadership Forum

The parent-focused organization has updated its NICU and Transition Home care packages with a design created by experts in cooperation with families. In a press release, we recently announced Graham’s Foundation will preview its newly redesigned care packages for preemie parents at a booth shared with our longtime sponsor and supporter Bionix at the 21st […]

LEO - Born at 24 weeks, 2 days, 1 lb, 6 oz – 107 Days in NICU

How 24 Week Twins Inspired Two Parents to Give Back

Anne-Marie & Jonathan are not just Graham’s Foundation NICU Ambassadors. They’re also the parents behind one of the biggest annual Parents of Preemies Day celebrations! We had a chance to ask them about their prematurity journey and why they dedicated their time to helping a new generation of parents of preemies. Q. What was your […]

Did You Know the NICU Before You Needed It?

Did You Know the NICU Before You Needed It?

To the uninitiated, the neonatal intensive care unit can seem less like a nursery and more like NASA! Everywhere you look, there are wires and tubes and computer monitors and machines. That’s a good thing, of course. All of the technology visitors see in the NICU is a big part of why outcomes for extremely […]

When Your Preemie Isn't a 'Typical' Miracle

When Your Preemie Isn’t a ‘Typical’ Miracle

Tales of prematurity in the media are usually focused on families beating the odds… of the smallest preemies moving on to live the biggest lives without any problem more pressing than a tendency to catch colds. Miracle babies, they’re often called. And we won’t debate that they are indeed miracles, but we’ve also seen how […]

Uplifting Quotes for Preemie Parents

Uplifting Quotes for Preemie Parents

All parents of preemies need encouragement to weather the slings and arrows of premature birth. Even though the birth of any baby is a miraculous and awe-inspiring occasion, premature birth also brings enormous worry, fear, and anxiety that can last long after a family has left the NICU behind. When prematurity feels like a battle […]