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For Parents & Grandparents of Preemies

Parents of preemies are thrown into a whole new world with the birth of their children – a world that is both frightening and unfamiliar. And yet in the face of these odds, moms and dads coping with prematurity show great strength and courage on a daily basis. Parents of Preemies Day is a day for you to share how proud you are of not only your preemie, but also yourself. Your commitment is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child, and that deserves to be celebrated!

Here are some ways you can observe Parents of Preemies Day every day of the year:

1. Visit our Parents of Preemies Day Facebook page and post a picture of you and your preemie along with your story of Hope, Resilience & Miracles.

2. Help spread the word, especially among your friends and family – you can even point them to this website.

3. Consider hosting a Parents of Preemies Day Event, volunteer at a local event or register to attend. If there is no event in your area, register and join our the next Twitter chat for a chance to win a Proud Parent of a Preemie prize package full of goodies!

4. Wear Proud Preemie Parent Gear all year long!

5. Introduce your NICU to Parents of Preemies Day! Ask if you can bring in treats (e.g., coffee and bagels, candy, or pastries) on the first Sunday in May and maybe even some Proud Preemie Parent Gear for the parents of babies currently in residence.

NICU Awareness Mailing PPD 2015

6. Take pictures of yourself and your family and friends celebrating Parents of Preemies Day and post them on the Parents of Preemies Day Facebook page or on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #parentsofpreemiesday.