Supporting Preemie Parents

Prematurity Awareness Month Stories: Inspired to Do More

Prematurity Awareness Month Stories: Inspired to Do More

For Prematurity Awareness Month, we’re sharing Ruby’s story… Preemie Love was founded by Ruby Kimondo on May of 2015. Her motivation to start Preemie Love was driven by her own personal experiences with prematurity. Ruby is forty years old, married and with four sons. She experienced severe Preeclampsia in all four pregnancies leading to three […]

What Makes Graham's Foundation Special

What Makes Graham’s Foundation Special

Parents of preemies describe the experience of having an infant in the neonatal intensive care unit, whether for four weeks or four months, as stressful, frightening, exhausting, and isolating. For many, the NICU journey represents both a family and a financial crisis. Babies born extremely premature are often in critical condition with health problems that […]

LEO - Born at 24 weeks, 2 days, 1 lb, 6 oz – 107 Days in NICU

Preemie Moms Talk About When They Felt Like Parents

Your role as a parent in the NICU is unique and irreplaceable, but it doesn’t always feel that way. When your preemie is ill, it can seem like it’s the doctors and nurses who are playing the number one role in your baby’s life while you watch from the sidelines. Many parents of preemies feel […]

Understanding Prematurity – How to Talk to Parents of Preemies

A Resource for Family, Friends, and Supporters When a baby is born early and needs the kind of care only a neonatal intensive care unit can provide,it can be so hard to know what to say to the mom and dad standing watch over the isolette. When I was in the NICU with my daughter […]

Uplifting Quotes for Preemie Parents

Uplifting Quotes for Preemie Parents

All parents of preemies need encouragement to weather the slings and arrows of premature birth. Even though the birth of any baby is a miraculous and awe-inspiring occasion, premature birth also brings enormous worry, fear, and anxiety that can last long after a family has left the NICU behind. When prematurity feels like a battle […]