We’re Previewing Our New Support Materials at the 21st NICU Leadership Forum

The parent-focused organization has updated its NICU and Transition Home care packages with a design created by experts in cooperation with families.

In a press release, we recently announced Graham’s Foundation will preview its newly redesigned care packages for preemie parents at a booth shared with our longtime sponsor and supporter Bionix at the 21st Annual NICU Leadership Forum in Phoenix, AZ.

The NICU Leadership Forum is attended by professionals from the NICU, PICU, CVICU and other pediatric specialty areas who are looking for practical solutions for the challenges they face caring for the most vulnerable babies. Graham’s Foundation president Nick Hall will be at the event to connect with leaders in the neonatology space who want to support parents of the preemies in their care but need help to do so.

“While surveys our organization has conducted show that family centered care is an emerging trend in neonatology, they’ve also shown that reaching parents when they need support most can be incredibly difficult,” Hall said. “Graham’s Foundation’s primary mission is to support parents of preemies to improve outcomes for entire families. It’s a model that works because research shows that when parents receive encouragement, education and community, they’re better equipped to care for their babies.”

Our free care packages are designed to meet not only the practical needs of families in the NICU and those making the transition home, but also the emotional needs of moms and dads coping with the ups and downs of premature birth. We also offer a third care package option created specifically for families who are dealing with the loss of a premature infant.

To learn more about Graham’s Foundation care packages for preemie parents, visit https://grahamsfoundation.org/care-packages/ We’ll be debuting our beautiful, newly redesigned care packages on Parents of Preemies Day on May 7 – stay tuned!

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