Support for every path along the journey of prematurity

support for every path along the journey of prematurity

You found Graham’s Foundation because you or someone you care about is facing the uncertainty that comes with a premature birth. We know the roller coaster. Graham’s Foundation was founded to educate and inform preemie parents so they feel empowered and confident while they navigate the journey of prematurity.

We appreciate the trust you place in us to support you or someone you care about during their prematurity journey. We are committed to a world where no parent goes through the experience of prematurity alone.

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“Our identical twin boys decided to come into the world on November 19th at 24 weeks and 6 days. I am still trying to process what happened. It has been surreal and stressful. Our boys have had some rough days in the NICU but have had some good days as well. We know that they are in the best hands at Santa Monica UCLA Hospital, but it was such a bittersweet day when I was able to leave the hospital without our children. The boys have a long road ahead of them – at least three months in the NICU – but we are hopeful that they will continue to have more good days than bad. Every minute is a victory. Thank you for the care package. Thank you for the lovely poem. Thank you for starting this foundation.”

Nicole Bugna-Doyle