Our Vision and Our Mission

Our vision is a world where no parent goes through the experience of prematurity alone.

Our mission is to support, comfort, inform, and guide families who experience a premature birth. We collaborate with the healthcare community and other parents of preemies to improve the well-being of preterm babies and families. 

Graham’s Foundation’s support programs are designed to meet the unique needs of families after preterm birth.

Advocacy for tomorrow connects organizations, medical professionals, and brands with preemie parent voices to impact positive change for preemies and their families.

  • Active online communities let us quickly collect self-reported data from parents about their experiences in the NICU and beyond
  • We give professionals access to parents of preemies ready to talk about what they really needed and wanted in the hospital and at home

Research for the future supports innovation that can impact future outcomes for preemies and their families.

  • We shape and support breakthroughs through strategic partnerships
  • Our focus is not only on outcomes, but also family-cohesive care in the NICU
  • Our connection to real parents empowers us to increase awareness of neonate-focused clinical trials
  • We represent the voice of preemie parents at conferences attended by thought leads in the prematurity space

We are committed to a world where no parent goes through the preemie journey alone.