Our Leadership and Staff

Nick Hall

Nick Hall, President and Co-Founder

Nick has had many different titles over the years, but the one he is most proud of is being Reece and Graham’s Dad. 

Professionally, Nick is a Strategic Alliance Director for Ernst & Young. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Indiana University.

There is an unspoken bond among all parents of preemies. It's a club none of us ever wanted to join. Nick is our champion.

“When I saw all that we had going for us in the NICU…a marriage with a solid foundation, supportive employers, excellent health insurance, help from family and a wonderful NICU staff…yet we felt like we were barely surviving, I knew we had to leverage our experience and help make a difference for future parents of extremely early preemies.”

Jennifer Hall

Jennifer Hall, Director of Operations & Co-Founder

Jennifer graduated cum laude from Miami University of Ohio with a degree in Mass Communications. She enjoyed a successful career in Sales Management at Playtex Products, Energizer and Coca-Cola.Today, Jennifer is thrilled to focus on raising Reece and supporting other parents of premature babies through her work at Graham’s Foundation.

“I’ll never forget the feeling of isolation and loneliness we felt when our twins were born. That pain has led to my commitment to provide support, encouragement and hope to parents experiencing the crisis of prematurity.”

To contact Jenn, please send an email to jennifer@grahamsfoundation.org.

Ben Roberts, Executive Director

Over the past 25 years, Ben has worked with everyone from startup ideas through huge global corporations, focused on creating positive outcomes for their communities.  He thrives on finding innovative solutions to problems and drives towards simplicity in a complex world.  Engaged in all facets of nonprofit management over the last seven years, Ben is thrilled to be leading Graham’s Foundation and thankful for such a caring and dedicated team.

To contact Ben, please send an email to ben@grahamsfoundation.org.



Kristen Holbrook, Care Package Coordinator

Kristen Holbrook is a teacher who graduated from Bowling Green State University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Early Childhood Development and Elementary Education. She is passionate about lifelong learning and is currently homeschooling three students. Kristen is happy to be working for Graham’s Foundation where she can help provide support to families.

To contact Kristen, please send an email to kristen@grahamsfoundation.org.

christa-terry-hello mamas

Christa Terry, Marketing and Communications

Christa is a writer, editor, social media consultant, the author of iDo: Planning Your Wedding With Nothing But ‘Net (a fun and modern wedding planning guide published by Simon & Schuster), and one of the founders of Hello Mamas. She specializes in helping brands and non-profits reach their target audiences with messaging that resonates. Both of her children were later-term preemies.

To contact Christa, please send an email to christa@grahamsfoundation.org.

“Having a later-term premature daughter in the NICU – even for a brief period of time – was an eye-opening experience. I didn’t know anything at all about prematurity, and I only encountered the realities that very early preemies face while doing research to find out what difficulties were ahead for my daughter. When a baby born at 28 weeks gestation was admitted to our NICU during our daughter’s stay, I saw that her parents were absolutely shell-shocked but I felt like I had nothing to offer them in that moment. Finding Graham’s Foundation has given me a way to reach out.”

Heather McKinnis

Heather McKinnis, Director, Preemie Parent Mentors Program

Heather is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Graham’s Foundation. She is a stay at home mother to her preemie, Owen, and feels blessed to have the ability to help other families that have experienced what she has. Before becoming a mother, Heather used her Communications degree as an Admissions Recruiter with Salus University, located outside of Philadelphia, PA.

To contact Heather, please send an email to heather@grahamsfoundation.org.

“Since our experience with Owen, I have been driven to find a way to help other NICU families. I’m very excited to be able to work with Graham’s Foundation because they are bringing support and encouragement to families who really need it.”

Jen Larson

Jen Larson, Operational Development and Support

Jen has worked with Graham’s Foundation from the beginning. She started working with Nick on various projects in 2004 while working at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute as a Grants Administrator. The work with Nick allowed her to transition to work from home full time to care for her two children, Travis and Isabelle.

To contact Jen, please send an email to jen@grahamsfoundation.org.

“I’ve truly been inspired by the foundation Nick and Jennifer created after such heartbreak. I aspire to have their positive attitude.”

Laura Martin

Laura Martin, Director of Parent Communication and Engagement

Laura comes to Graham’s Foundation after five years of teaching middle school and high school chorus. Laura gave birth to twin boys, born at 24 weeks gestation, in 2009. Campbell passed away after 23 beautiful days of life and Joseph spent 228 days in the NICU before coming home. Working with Graham’s Foundation allows Laura to stay at home with her son while completing her Master’s degree at the University of Georgia.

To contact Laura, please send an email to laura@grahamsfoundation.org.

“After our experience of losing our son, Campbell, and spending 228 days in the NICU with Joseph, I have a passion for helping parents stay connected with their NICU and giving back to others who are currently experiencing life in the NICU.”


Linda Stefani, Operations Coordinator

Linda is thrilled to be a part of Graham’s Foundation. She is a stay-at-home Mom to preemie twin daughters and a late-term preemie singleton daughter. She received her Bachelor of Finance degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University and prior to giving birth to her twins, worked as a registered client associate at an Investment firm.

To contact Linda, please send an email to linda@grahamsfoundation.org.

“The isolation and fear I felt while in the NICU still brings shivers down my spine. Graham’s Foundation provides hope, support and stability during a very uncertain and frightening time. I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing organization and hope to deliver comfort to families on this similar NICU journey.”

Nicole Bugna-Doyle, NICU Outreach & MyPreemie Coordinator

Nicole started as a NICU Ambassador for Graham’s Foundaton and is proud to now be a part of the team as the NICU Outreach/MyPreemie Coordinator. A graduate of Santa Clara University who spent 15 years working in feature post production and sound editing, she left entertainment when her twin boys arrived early at 24 weeks, 6 days and spent 5 months in the NICU. 

“Receiving the note from Graham’s Foundation along with a Parents of Preemies bracelet and other items made us feel like we were not alone. Having a preemie can be so isolating but the care package was like receiving an understanding hug!”

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