Our Leadership and Staff

Nicholas Hall, Founder

Nicholas has had many different titles over the years, but the one he is most proud of is being Reece and Graham’s Dad.

Professionally, Nicholas is a Strategic Alliance Director for Ernst & Young. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Indiana University.

There is an unspoken bond among all parents of preemies. It's a club none of us ever wanted to join. Nick is our champion.

“When I saw all that we had going for us…a solid home foundation, supportive employers, excellent health insurance, help from family and a supportive NICU staff…yet still felt like we were barely surviving, I knew I wanted to leverage my experience and help make a difference for future parents of preemies.”

Ben Roberts, Executive Director

Over the past 25 years, Ben has worked with everyone from startup ideas through huge global corporations, focused on creating positive outcomes for their communities.  He thrives on finding innovative solutions to problems and drives towards simplicity in a complex world.  Engaged in all facets of nonprofit management over the last seven years, Ben is thrilled to be leading Graham’s Foundation and thankful for such a caring and dedicated team.

To contact Ben, please send an email to ben@grahamsfoundation.org.

Heather McKinnis, Director of Development

Heather is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Graham’s Foundation. She is a stay at home mother to her preemie, Owen, and feels blessed to have the ability to help other families that have experienced what she has. Before becoming a mother, Heather used her Communications degree as an Admissions Recruiter with Salus University, located outside of Philadelphia, PA.

To contact Heather, please send an email to heather@grahamsfoundation.org.

“Since our experience with Owen, I have been driven to find a way to help other NICU families. I’m very excited to be able to work with Graham’s Foundation because they are bringing support and encouragement to families who really need it.”

Meegan Snyder, Director Preemie Parent Mentor Program

Originally from New Zealand, Meegan is a Certified Trauma Informed Professional and also has her Degrees in Hospitality Management and Business from WINTEC in Hamilton, New Zealand. After the birth of her daughter at 28 weeks, Meegan wanted to help other preemie parents and was thrilled at the opportunity with Graham’s Foundation to be able to join our volunteer Mentor program where she directly touched families. Meegan now drives our Mentor Program with recruiting, training, and matching over 40 volunteer mentors with other preemie parents so that no parent has to go through the journey of prematurity alone.

To contact Meegan, please send an email to meegan.s@grahamsfoundation.org.

Jen Larson

Jen Larson, Operational Development and Support

Jen has worked with Graham’s Foundation since the beginning. She started working with Nicholas on various projects in 2004. She is also a Research Grant Administrator with the University of Pittsburgh Department of Pediatrics. She has two children, Travis and Isabelle.

To contact Jen, please send an email to jen@grahamsfoundation.org.

“I’ve truly been inspired by the foundation Nicholas and Jennifer created after such heartbreak. I aspire to have their positive attitude.”

Nicole Bugna-Doyle, Social Media Manager

Nicole started as a NICU Ambassador for Graham’s Foundation and is proud to now be a part of the team as Manager of Social Media and Blogs. A graduate of Santa Clara University who spent 15 years working in feature post production and sound editing, she left entertainment when her twin boys arrived early at 24 weeks, 6 days and spent 5 months in the NICU.

To contact Nicole, please send an email to nicole@grahamsfoundation.org.

“Receiving the note from Graham’s Foundation along with a Parents of Preemies bracelet and other items made us feel like we were not alone. Having a preemie can be so isolating but the care package was like receiving an understanding hug!”

Susan Gregory, Director of Marketing & Communications

Susan is a communications and marketing professional with extensive experience in internal and external initiatives. Formerly with Mead Johnson Nutrition, some of her favorite activities included working with families of children with special nutritional needs and leading the company’s U.S. disaster relief efforts. As the mom of a NICU nurse, Susan is excited to share her skills and expertise to support the Graham’s Foundation community.

To contact Susan, please send an email to susan@grahamsfoundation.org

Jessica Clark, Graphic Designer

Jessica has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and worked as a Graphic Designer at Kohl’s before taking time off to start a family. After delivering her third child at just 25.5 weeks, Jessica used the resources at Graham’s Foundation to help navigate life with a micro preemie. She, along with two fellow NICU moms, started a support group at their local hospital to share these resources with other NICU families. Jessica also volunteers as a Preemie Parent Mentor through Graham’s Foundation.

“I want to use my experience to help as many other families as possible. I am very fortunate to be able to work for an organization that has personally helped me on my NICU journey.”

To contact Jessica, please send an email to jessica.c@grahamsfoundation.org

Heather Allen, Fundraising Associate

Heather has been helping nonprofits raise funds for over 25 years, with a focus on healthcare, hospice, and social services organizations. She is a graduate of the IU Kelley School of Business and is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE.) Heather is the proud mom of an 18-year-old son and 16-year-old twin girls who were born at 31 weeks.


To contact Heather, please send an email to heather.a@grahamsfoundation.org