Research & Advocacy

While our focus on helping parents directly through our care package and mentor programs hasn’t changed, Graham’s Foundation has begun exploring new ways to empower parents of premature babies through advocacy and research to improve outcomes for their preemies and for entire families.

Here is just some of what we’ve worked on in the past year:


We are uniquely positioned to connect organizations, innovators in the medical space, and brands with thousands of preemie parent voices to impact positive change for premature babies and their families.

In 2014, Graham’s Foundation participated in the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants’ (EFCNI) annual parent conference in Munich, Graham’s Foundation founder and president Nick Hall was invited to speak at the Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative learning session and the 2015 NEO Conference, and Graham’s Foundation staff contributing to the National Perinatal Association toolkit, developing standards of care for parents in the NICU.

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We pride ourselves on representing the priorities and needs of preemies and their families. Our aim is to help shape and support breakthroughs through strategic partnerships focused not only on preemie outcomes, but also family-centered care in the NICU and beyond.

Graham’s Foundation has been contributing the parent voice and perspective to the International Neonatal Consortium (INC). This newly-created coalition brings together industry, academia, patient representatives, the FDA, the European Medicines Agency, other governmental agencies, professional organizations, and the Critical Path Institute for the purpose of speeding up the development of therapies for conditions common to preemies.

Our Purpose

Moving forward, our goal is to grow Graham’s Foundation into an even more effective vehicle of positive change. Through the continued evolution of our signature care package program, we’re affecting change in the lives of individual families. But our new focus on advocacy and research is providing us with a unique opportunity to transform the journey of prematurity for not only the parents who reach out to us, but for all preemie parents as well as babies, children, and all others whose lives are touched by premature birth.

For more information about how our research and advocacy efforts contribute to better outcomes for both preemies and their families,

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