The Many Dimensions of Wellness for Preemie Parents

The Many Dimensions of Wellness for Preemie Parents

Today’s blog post comes to us from our featured Preemie Parent Mentor Andrea. Andrea is our Parent Wellness mentor and dedicated to helping moms and dads of preemies care for their babies by caring for themselves. It’s tough on many different levels for parents of preemies. How do you juggle your emotions and wanting to […]

Even with the stress of the NICU staying healthy is important

In my last few blogs I wrote about how wellness is not just being active and physically fit but possessing a combination of the various dimensions of being well. For the best possibility of wellness it is essential to find positive feelings about each wellness dimension (emotional-mental, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual). A well person […]

Andrea Downes Silva Writes About Wellness

It has been a few months since I have posted a blog. If you remember reading my previous blogs you may recall that in November I ran my eighth marathon. I was getting back into the swing of things – I was, running, lifting weights, and spinning again. However, a few weeks after the marathon […]