CP Awareness & Parenthood

CP Awareness & Parenthood

by Kristina Mulligan There was quite some time – years, actually – where I didn’t think that I would ever be a mother. Battling infertility hurt and pushed me in ways that I had never thought possible. After all of the tears, sleepless nights, medications, procedures, and negative home pregnancy tests, however, we were one […]

It doesn’t end but it does get better

   An encouraging post from Preemie Parent Mentor, Amy A.       I’ll never forget the day we were discharged from the NICU with our son, Justin, who was born at 23 weeks gestation. I can still picture the walk through the hospital hallway with the nurse as we made our way down to where […]

A Preemie Dad Shares His Girls' Story of Beating the Odds

A Preemie Dad Shares His Girls’ Story of Beating the Odds

Today’s featured parent post comes from Argos Kelly, dad to twin girls who couldn’t have been more different in how their journeys played out. Want to add your voice to our growing repository of hope, resilience and miracles? Fill out the form here to submit your story for publishing. I wanted a chance to tell […]