Baby Eric

by Sarai Coronado

My husband and I met in Bible School in 2013. We soon started dating and got married in January of 2016. February came around and we found out we were pregnant! We were excited and so happy to be soon sharing our lives with a baby. We went for a sonogram and the tech tells us “well I’m glad you both are sitting down, look there, you’re having two of them!” I instantly started crying, I was going to have two babies come October! Our family and friends were all excited with us and we celebrated every chance we could. In June we all came together and found out we were going to have a Girl and a Boy! And then came July…

I started having contractions and went to get checked. My then OB said it was nothing to worry about and it was only ligament stretching. We went home trusting they knew what they were talking about only to be in labor 12 hours later. I gave birth to two amazing beautiful babies via emergency C section on July 20th. They went to the Children’s hospital down the street to stay in the NICU. Both babies were doing so good, our Sofia and Eric were fighters since the beginning.

The doctors and nurses were very impressed on them both and how well they were doing. Exactly two weeks after birth, a Wednesday, we went to the NICU to see them only to come in and see our sweet Eric crying. We didn’t think anything of it so we smiled, recorded and laughed at how cute he sounded. A few minutes later the nurse found out something was not right, and she jumped into action. They checked and examined him and realized he had NEC. Within the next few hours our room was full of nurses and doctors and surgeons and everyone talking to me about what was about to happen.

We went into surgery the next morning. Once they realized it wasn’t getting any better, he went into surgery once again. He had several blood transfusions, he had all kinds of medicine going, and was now on the ventilator. My baby wouldn’t move much anymore, you could see and hear the pain he was in, it was heartbreaking.

Two weeks we spent in prayer and two weeks of doctors trying everything they could to save my babies life until there was no more that could be done. We gathered our family and told them it was time to take our baby off the ventilator. Our Eric passed away Thursday August 18th at 6:36pm. We held him, we sang to him, we worshiped with him and then we let him go. 

It’s been 3 years and 2 months since and it feels like yesterday. We have learned to cherish each other and our family. To love one another every day since we do not know when it could be our last. We try and live every day as best as we can so one day we can be reunited with our boy once again. We know we could never get over this, but we can survive this and learn to live our lives in a way to honor our son. 

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About The Author: Nick Hall

Nick founded Graham's Foundation in memory of his son, whom he lost to prematurity. Graham's Foundation supports parents through the journey of prematurity and is committed to making sure that no parent goes through that journey alone.