Ben Miller, Creator of the Ward Miles’ First Year Video, Explains Why He Supports Us

Have you been thinking about supporting our mission to ensure no parents of preemies go through the journey alone? Ben Miller and his family have chosen to help us help more preemie parents by creating an amazing, limited time t-shirt campaign – check it out here – and maybe Ben’s words will inspire you:

When your baby is born prematurely, like our son Ward, you quickly learn that it is the little things that can make all the difference. Our son had a long journey before we were able to finally bring him home and we know just how lucky we are.

When we look back on our journey, there were so many little things that made a difference for our son but also for my Lyndsey and me. One was a care package that we received from Graham’s Foundation. Friends of ours wanted to help us but they didn’t know what we needed. At that point, I am not sure we knew what we needed, either.

The care package from Graham’s Foundation reminded us to hold on to hope. It encouraged us to make every effort to bond with our son and it also reminded us that we, Ward’s mom and dad, are the most important people in our son’s life.

We are honored to have the chance to give back in a small way to Graham’s Foundation by supporting a joint campaign with I Heart Garments. Every garment you purchase will go a long way toward helping Graham’s Foundation send another care package to a family, just like us, who is looking for the little things to help them on their journey.

You can support Ben’s campaign by checking out I Heart Garments and buying one of these amazing shirts featuring a message near and dear to the heart of all preemie parents, “From the tiniest acorn grows the mighty oak.”



Curious to know how little Ward Miles is doing? Check out Ben’s update video!

We’re so grateful to Ben for being a part of our mission – and thankful to you, too! If nothing else, we’d love for you to share this campaign on social media!

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