How You Can Help: Be a Part of Our Remembrance Video

In our core philosophy of Hope, Resilience, and Miracles, there is both the wish that every new micro-preemie born will make it home and the knowledge that there are many who don’t. There is loss in the Graham’s Foundation message as surely as there is life, and the parents who come to us for support are not only those whose future is uncertain, but also those who are coping with the reality of a future that includes little ones who passed on far too soon.

To honor these children whose time on earth was brief but special and full of love, Graham’s Foundation is creating a Remembrance video set to So Full of Light, an original song written by Nick Hall’s cousin Diane after Nick and Jennifer lost Graham. You can listen to So Full of Light right here on this page.

We’d like to invite those who have known the grief of saying goodbye to a micro-preemie to submit a photograph of their child or children for inclusion in the video. Our hope is that our Remembrance video will not only bring comfort to the parents and caregivers who’ve experienced loss in the past, but also help comfort the many families who will have to learn to cope with the grief of losing a child in the future.

To submit a photograph for our Remembrance video, please send the photo to [email protected] in .jpg format and your child’s name or children’s’ names. We will let you know that we have received your submission and we will contact you again when the video is finished.

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