Director of Marketing and Communications

Oversees brand; supports all levels of the organization through strategic communications and marketing; promotes public awareness to increase footprint; maintains relationships with stakeholders and audiences to engage and promote efforts.

Marketing & Communications

Manages existing marketing and implements new marketing strategies to include:

  • Serves as webmaster and keeps website content fresh and updated on a timely basis.
  • Serves as spokesperson and arranges for media opportunities on major “preemie-related” occasions and to promote Foundation’s events and activities. To include print, broadcast, local, national and op-eds.
  • Work with “Preemie celebrities” to find brand ambassadors.
  • Coordinates for fresh, timely content with Social Media manager.
  • Work with various vendors to find in-kind sponsorships to support marketing/communications efforts and for in-kind promotional products.
  • Develop and oversee email marketing to communicate regularly with all audiences.
  • Develop/maintain Foundation blog and work to showcase Preemie parent bloggers and scientific experts.
  • Develop electronic and/or print publications such as a magazine, newsletter, annual report, etc.
  • Oversee marketing collateral and communications for all events; makes sure brand is consistent on all levels.
  • Prepares, develops, and supervises implementation of internal and external communications plans, which included execution of an annual internal communications audit.
  • Write fresh and captivating content regularly for all channels and work to have content published on national blog platforms.
  • Prepare letters, communications, speeches, talking points, etc for leadership.
  • Develop trade show materials + collateral.
  • Research story opportunities and interviews health care leaders, patients, and physicians for background information for specific health care stories.
  • Explore opportunity for product branding to appeal to Preemie parent/baby community.
  • Develops and coordinates strategic plan across organization.

Overall / Reporting: Director of Marketing and Communications reports to the Executive Director and will have minimum weekly program review meetings.

Formal quarterly status and progress to ED and key stakeholders.

Time Commitment: Director of Marketing and Communications is a part-time, contract (1099) position. Expectation 10 – 18 hours per week.


Ben Roberts

Executive Director

Graham’s Foundation

[email protected]