Clinical Studies and Trials

Infant Bacterial Therapeutics intends to develop the pharmaceutical drug candidate IBP-9414 for the prevention of NEC in premature infants.IBP-9414 contains a co-evolved human bacterial strain derived from human breast milkThe active bacteria used in IBP-9414 is known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic and beneficial to gut motilityIBP-9414 is formulated for the most convenient and suitable administration to premature infants in hospital NICUIBP-9414 has been granted Orphan Drug Designation for the prevention of NEC by the FDA and by the European Commission

The NTRA-9620 drug product is intended to enhance post-resection bowel adaptation and improve patient outcomes. This includes reducing reliance on parenteral nutrition support and increasing enteral nutrition intake. Nutrinia plans to begin a pivotal clinical trial in this indication.  The new treatment is aimed at helping thousands of patients worldwide, reducing their dependence on parenteral nutrition, which puts them at a higher risk for liver disease, infections, and other complications. 

The ROPP-2008-01 clinical study will look at whether a study therapy that contains IGF-1 (among other things) may prevent retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) and improve vision outcomes for premature babies.

The CG100 product candidate is a recombinant human CC10 protein, a secretory protein that is believed to play an important protective role in the lung via maintenance of airway epithelia, delivered by intratracheal instillation in intubated neonates.  CG100 has the potential to improve long-term clinical outcomes in preterm infants and significantly reduce the economic burden beyond the infant's initial in-patient stay. 

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