Graham’s Foundation events are more than just fundraisers. Our annual Golfing for Graham’s Foundation outing and our twice-yearly ‘Tinis for Preemies evenings are just some of the signature events we have created to increase awareness of the severe emotional, physical, and financial toll premature birth takes on moms and dads. The funds we raise at our events enable us to continue to deliver hope, resilience, and miracles to parents of preemies through our care package program and the connections we empower with our mentorship program and online communities.

To make sure that the greatest percentage of incoming funds is put toward helping parents coping with premature birth directly, we depend on sponsors to make our events successful, memorable, and fun. Our events have reached thousands of people since we began hosting them in cities around the US, and the brands that help make them happen have a unique opportunity to engage with new customers at each one. Contact [email protected] to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

“Attending these events has been a wonderful way to have fun with friends while supporting a meaningful cause, and paying homage to my beautiful wife and daughter who shared the long, difficult journey of a premature birth. It’s a blessing to know you’re not alone, and the support of others throughout that journey is of immeasurable value.” James F. Nooney, Jr.

Current Fundraisers

Golfing For Graham’s Foundation NYC 2022

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