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As moms, sometimes it can be incredibly tough to remember patience – especially with a strong willed two years old. The truth is that same strong will that got them through those crazy days in the NICU is the very same strong will that comes out as they grow up.

Preemie toddler holding pumpkinUs moms play every role from the teacher, nurse, counselor, CEO, chef, taxi driver, keeper of secrets, laundry machine operator, janitor, cheerleader, housekeeper, story teller, boo-boo fixer (mommy’s kisses are magic) all the way down to stain removal expert. And these things that we do even when no one notices are the very things that keep our families together.

According to a survey of more than 6,000 mothers by, the average stay at home mom spends 94 hours a week juggling tasks that would earn a total salary of $113,568. Crazy, huh? My first thought was, “Man, that would be nice.” Then I think, well, I don’t leave my house to go to an actual job anymore. I give kudos to those moms who do work at an outside of the home job and take care of their kids because that can be just as hard – especially when you have a preemie.

I remember when we finally came home from the NICU, the idea of letting someone else take care of my little one was terrifying. It can be incredibly hard to have to go back to work after having a preemie, so I know those moms are just as strong as stay at home moms.

Whether you work or stay at home, you carry the weight of all those jobs that come with being a mom. It can be hard because some days are better than others. There will be days where your little one will want to cuddle and be the best kid in the world, and then there are the other days where they make you think you never want to have kids ever again.

Honestly, the good days manage to outweigh the rough days every time. But those rough days make your job even more important. Those are the days when being your little one’s mom or dad pay off even more than any amount of money you can imagine. Those are the days when you’re showing them you love them even when they don’t understand. When you’re teaching them that sometimes saying no is a form of love. That’s important.

Preemies are strong willed. That’s what helps them survive. Believe me, there will be days when that same strong will makes you question everything you ever thought you knew about parenting. On those days remember this: You may not clock in and you may not leave the house to go to work, or you might leave and come home hours later to provide for your family, but either way your job is important to your family.

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About The Author: Amber Shipman

After a very high-risk pregnancy, Amber gave birth to her son 10 weeks early. He spend 47 days in the NICU and had to overcome plenty of challenges to make it home. Today, Amber is a SAHM and Dusty is a happy, healthy one year old!