Life After NICU

HELLP Us with a Preemie: A Military Family's Journey

HELLP Us with a Preemie: A Military Family’s Journey

“During a NICU experience, one resource could make all of the different for support, especially for military families.”

Life After Discharge

Life After Discharge

by Ali Dunn From the moment my twins were born at 28 weeks and admitted to the NICU, my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night was when will they come home. I just wanted it all to be over. After struggling for 3.5 years with infertility, I was tired of […]

Friends, Stop Apologizing

Friends, Stop Apologizing

by Kristina Mulligan Whenever I am discussing my son’s need for Early Intervention Services or any of his diagnoses with a peer, usually the first words out of their mouth is “I’m sorry.” And you know something? I’m likely guilty of this, too. It’s an instinct and sometimes the words just come out before you can […]

Things Preemie Parents Don't Want You to Know (But You Should..)

Things Preemie Parents Don’t Want You to Know (But You Should..)

by Kristina Mulligan Life as a preemie parent is a journey like no other. It’s filled with so many obvious difficulties, but also various hidden struggles that are unexpected and that people may not consider. It’s an ongoing battle with many stages throughout a parent and child’s life, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Here is what […]

Celebrations & Sensory Kids

Celebrations & Sensory Kids

by Kristina Mulligan Though the holiday season is behind us, celebrations are year-round. Especially with the nicer weather trying it’s hardest to stay constant and summer right around the corner, get-togethers are becoming more frequent. There are things that are important to remember if a child with sensory processing disorder is a part of your […]

Your Best Will Always Be the Best for Them

Your Best Will Always Be the Best for Them

Written by Katie Hannigan You hear a lot about breastfeeding, but not often abut how hard it is. We are led to believe that it is easy because it is the natural way. It shouldn’t require any effort. But the test results have determined that is a lie.  This is even more true when it […]

A Preemie's Perspective

A Preemie’s Perspective

Written by Emily Howard Hi, my name is Emily Howard and no, I’m not a parent. I’m the preemie. I am now twenty-two years old and here to give all preemie parents support and hope from a different perspective.  I was born on August 15th at 32 weeks, weighing 4 pounds and 15 ounces. Now […]

Supporting Preemie Parents in Difficult Times

As we work together through these challenging times, you may have questions about how Graham’s Foundation is supporting our preemie parent community. Fortunately, because our support programs have always been delivered virtually, we are equipped to deliver all of our programs today, tomorrow, and into the future to continue to meet the psychosocial needs of parents.

Our Care Packages offer helpful tips for self-care and navigating the NICU and going home (our supplies have been in stock since before the COVID-19 outbreak), our MyPreemie app provides critical preemie-related information and helps parents journal their NICU experience, and our three dozen trained mentors are available to lend an ear and offer words of advice and encouragement.

In such a difficult time, it is more important than ever that we are here for the most vulnerable members of our community and Graham’s Foundation is ready. We are grateful to our volunteers and the individuals and industry partners who make generous donations that enable us to develop and deliver our support programs.

In Gratitude,

Nicholas Hall, Founder

Graham’s Foundation