Little Lotus: Helping Preemies In the Developing World (Giveaway)

If you’ve created an amazing baby warmer that can help protect premature babies in developing countries where hospitals don’t have easy access to incubators and other technology, how would you make sure you make sure you could continue to send it where it was needed? The Embrace Warmer is a low-cost baby warmer responsible for helping 150,000+ vulnerable babies (including preemies) worldwide that is still being shipped to areas of need.


Now Jane Chen, part of the original Embrace development team, has teamed up with a bunch of amazing designers to create Little Lotus, a revolutionary line of baby products, including a swaddler, sleeping bag and blanket made with a fabric (inspired by NASA spacesuits) that can provide the extra warmth needed for preemies once they come home from the hospital. 

Jane and her team are running a very successful Kickstarter to get Little Lotus off the ground. It’s actually quite close to reaching its funding goal, which is very exciting! Why? Little Lotus will operate on a Toms Shoes-inspired model: for every product sold, a baby will be helped by the Embrace warmer in a developing country, so that new parents can keep their babies cozy, and also extend a “warm embrace” to babies all over the world. For every Little Lotus product purchase over $100, $25 will go towards Embrace’s nonprofit (501c3) organization in order to help a baby in need. That allows one baby to be placed in the warmer, including all training and logistics costs.


Curious about the Little Lotus multicolored print? The handprint pattern of the Little Lotus baby products is inspired by the Touch our Future artwork, and features the hand tracings of mothers and babies in developing countries helped by the Embrace infant warmers.

We LOVE the idea of giving your preemie a warm, beautiful rest and at the same time giving to a preemie or full-term baby in need, which is why we are hoping you’ll check out Little Lotus’ Kickstarter campaign. To motivate you, we’re partnering with Little Lotus to give away one Little Lotus Swaddler or Sleeping Bag in their signature print! To enter, just follow the directions on the Rafflecopter below. Note: The giveaway ends next month but the winner’s prize will go out in September. Good things come to those who wait!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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