MyPreemie App Reviews

When you have a child the first thing you want to so it write about the first days. When you have a preemie you want to do the same but need to do and understand more. This app is a great way to track your preemies progress, growth and more. A good idea to keep a diary because as your preemie grows and goes home it helps you and doctors to understand trends such as behaviors before s/he was sick, reactions to medications. Etc. I highly recommend this app. ~Chris & Linda

Beautiful! You have to see this app to realize what a must-have it is for parents in the NICU. It is beautiful and comprehensive. Kudos to the authors of the “preemie bible” for creating such an elegant iOS app. ~ tessiroo 

This is a must-have for parents of premature babies I the NICU. You have to try it to understand how much it will help you – with all sorts of useful information relevant to your preemie, a Diary to keep track of everything, and tools that will make you feel more productive during long hours spent with your baby. This is also a great gift for anyone who has a preemie. In fact, I can’t imagine a better gift! ~ Spikester52 

The authors of the encyclopedic Preemies: The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies have succeeded in creating an app that is a marvel. A delightful section enables the parents to enter all personal information about the baby for tracking purposes and also for mementos, but the central part of the app is the ingeniously organized text, a detailed distillation of their book that, through imaginative use of the technology, enables the user to locate information in as clear and efficient way as one could possibly imagine or hope for. Kudos to the authors for having the vision to create this masterpiece of design and content. ~ Paul Sheftel

This app is truly one of a kind. It is not only gorgeous to look at and informative in its pocket guide and tracker, but it is essential for families of a newborn preemie. In the diary it is clear the creators of this app put great thought into the best ways to present the ups and downs of having a preemie. The suggested questions and to ask list help families to distill the issues at a time when it is hard to think straight. ~ Lily