NICU Ambassadors

What is a volunteer NICU Ambassador?

Many parents of preemies want to do something to support moms and dads who are new to prematurity. Graham’s Foundation NICU Ambassadors serve as a representative for us at both their local NICU and in the community, helping raise awareness for our programs and connecting with other preemie parents. 

Specifically, our NICU Ambassadors:

  • Establish and maintain a relationship between Graham’s Foundation and their local NICU
  • Deliver care packages and other support materials at specified times to their NICU throughout the year
  • Help celebrate Parents of Preemies Day at their local NICU and in their community
  • Help raise funds for Graham’s Foundation so we can continue and expand our program
  • Be available to provide local support to parents in your community, if requested

Learn more about our Featured Ambassadors – Alex & Jenn Zavala

Alison Camp

"Having three of my four children spend lots of time in the NICU has forever changed the way I look at the world. I can't drive down the street or walk through a busy store without looking at strangers and thinking that they too may be going through some crisis, and feeling sympathetic to whatever challenges they may face. Being a mom to preemies taught me just how precious and delicate life can be, and how much fight can come in such tiny little packages. ~ Alison Camp (Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo NY)

Kevin and Ariana West

Kevin and Ariana West with staff at the Providence Tarzana Medical Center.

Mary Mikesell

"I became an ambassador because I feel as if there was a bigger reason that I became a parent to a premature baby. I want to give support to those who are going through the often long journey of prematurity." - Mary Mikesell

Kevin and Ariana West

Ambassadors Kevin and Ariana West delivering their first care package.

Jean Bucher

"After having my son, the first time I heard of someone I knew delivering a preemie it affected me greatly; I had such a yearn to reach out and help this preemie parent as I knew the fearful rollercoaster of emotions that she was going through. Having gone through the NICU journey myself, I knew how alone I felt and the support I wanted and needed so badly during that difficult time. Being a NICU ambassador gives me the opportunity to reach out to parents of preemies and provide support during a much needed time." ~ Jean Bucher (St. Vincent's Toledo, Oh)

Cathy Chandler

"I became an ambassador to help parents of preemies through the same struggles my husband and I faced as parents of Colin, our 22-week micro preemie. Graham's Foundation is an excellence resource for any parent whose child starts out their life just a bit differently than a typical newborn, and I am proud to help parents make that connection." ~ Cathy Chandler (USA Children's and Women's Hospital, Mobile, AL)


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