Featured NICU Ambassadors

We’d like to introduce you to our featured Ambassadors, Alex & Jenn Zavala! If you’re interested in becoming a NICU Ambassador at your local hospital, click here.


How did you find out about Graham’s Foundation and the NICU Ambassador Program?

During our NICU stay I did a lot of research and came across Graham’s Foundation. Through the years I have kept up with Graham’s Foundation and discovered the NICU Ambassador Program.

What is your favorite part about being a NICU Ambassador?

Our favorite part is being able to give back to others and help them, the way others did for us during our NICU stay. To be able to make someone’s NICU stay a little easier means everything to us.

How have you gone above and beyond the call of duty as a NICU Ambassador?

We just do what we think a NICU Ambassador should do. We take gift bags up to the NICU every Christmas, donations to our NICU’s Family Room every other month, snacks and treats to the NICU nurses during a holiday.

What experiences or reactions have you had when interacting with parents in the NICU?

We always get a sense of relief when we talk to a family in the NICU and they hear that we had a 67 day NICU stay. The relief that, we have been there too.

What ways did Graham’s Foundation play a role in your NICU experience?

Graham’s Foundation was another source of support and information during our NICU stay, in a time that support and information are some of the most important things you need.

For you, what is the number one way that you find that you can help parents of preemies through your role as a NICU Ambassador?

For us, the number one way that we can help parents is to listen, to listen and to pass on information that they might need.