Life in the NICU

My NICU Story - Miracles Do Happen!

My NICU Story – Miracles Do Happen!

by Monique Matheson Finding out I was pregnant was a bit of a surprise, but I soon came around to the idea and for my first trimester, everything seemed to be going well nothing at all was flagged and I was feeling really well. But as I was having my 20-week scan, the doctor was […]

Social Distancing & the Village

Social Distancing & the Village

by Kristina Mulligan This world is in scary times as we deal with a global pandemic. COVID-19 is causing fear in many and panic in others. In some way, however, we all feel the anxiety – and possibly the soreness of dry hands. Social distancing and isolation has become the way of life for many, and […]

NICU Babies in the Era of COVID-19

by DeeAnna Serna, RCP, RRT-NPS, AE-C Hello there, let me tell you a little about me before I get into all the details of this topic. My name is D’Anna I am a respiratory therapist with about 20+ years of experience, I’ve been a NICU therapist since 2000.  I now work in the outpatient setting as […]

Self Care Tips for the NICU Parent

Self Care Tips for the NICU Parent

by Maegan Sheiman The NICU is not exactly a place of rest and relaxation.  As a parent of a NICU baby it can feel like you are constantly drowning in a sea of uncertainty, stress, sleep deprivation, medical terminology and emotional turmoil. All of this can pile on quickly, if not all at once, and it is […]

NICU Dads - Thank You for Being Superheroes!

NICU Dads – Thank You for Being Superheroes!

by Lindsay Nolan I was scrolling through Instagram at about 3 a.m. while my husband, Danny slept on the couch next to me. My internal clock was a bit off; the NICU does that to you. It was about two weeks into our stay at the hospital and I was deciding on which filters to […]