On Parents of Preemies Day, Holly Shares Her Story

Lucky was born at 24 weeks weighing 1lbs. 11oz. and 11 3/4 inches long. I had a condition called Chorio an infection in the placenta that caused me to go into premature labor. I was considered high risk due to previous miscarriages and epilepsy but had a healthy pregnancy. Lucky’s heart stopped after birth and was revived by his amazing doctors. He was given a 1% chance of survival and then our long 98 journey in the NICU began.

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Lucky experienced everything from pneumonia, NEC, ROP, grade 4 bilateral brain bleeds, hernia, PDA Ligation Surgery, seizure, CLD and the list goes on. He had 4 surgeries and we almost lost him multiple times. We were constantly told he might not make it and if he does his chances of being a healthy baby were very low. Being told your baby might not survive and if he does he will not be like a term baby was so difficult to hear it was like some one was crushing our heart every time. We visited him twice a day and each day was a day of hope and sadness. Visiting your sick child not knowing what the day will bring makes you feel so helpless as a parent. When our hope was starting to fade and we started to feel alone we created our son’s Facebook page ‘Lucky Ball The Fighter’ to document every day. We wanted to be reminded of our son’s strength and courage we also wanted to help spread awareness.

Our son taught us the true meaning of life and what real strength is. We never gave up and neither did he. He’s still our fighter, our warrior. He’s now home and at 8 months old, 4.5 months adjusted our little Lucky is our miracle. He came home on November 24th 2015 before his actual due date. It was and still is a tough journey. Lucky was on oxygen and a pulse ox machine and he still has some issues including hydrocephalus which is being monitored. With the help of his physical therapy he is getting stronger everyday. We owe a lot to Lucky’s incredible nurses and Doctors but also other preemie stories and advice from other preemie parents helped us get through one of the hardest journeys a parent can experience. Having support groups and other experiences helped us not feel alone.

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I have dreamed of the day Lucky’s success story can help others as well. I hope his journey does. We will always be Lucky Strong.

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