Big News: Pampers Included Graham’s Foundation in Its #Betterforbaby Campaign!

In 2011, we were honored when Pampers included us in its year-long Little Miracles Missions program – an initiative marking the brand’s 50th anniversary with acts of kindness that celebrated, supported, and protected babies. As part of that we partnered with Pampers to deliver NICU care packages to 30,000 preemie parents. That first partnership evolved into an ongoing relationship – the brand then helped us deliver thousands of additional care packages, included us as a charitable recipient in the Pampers Rewards program, and collaborated on new materials to include in both our NICU care packages and their own.

Now we’re honored again to be a part of Pampers’ newly launched #betterforbaby campaign. The brand is celebrating everything people – from parents to professionals – do to make life better for babies. That includes the sacrifices moms and dads make for their kids, the work organizations like UNICEF do to improve maternal and newborn care, and the support we give to parents as they learn how to bond with and care for babies born much too soon.

As part of the #betterforbaby campaign, Pampers will renew their commitment to helping us distribute NICU care packages to hospitals across the US and help our cause by giving parents and NICUs the opportunity to use their Pampers Rewards Points to support our mission of empowering parents of premature babies through support, advocacy and research to improve outcomes for their preemies and themselves. Pampers is also making a sizable donation to Graham’s Foundation – enabling our team to continue to do our part to make life #betterforbaby in the NICU and beyond.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to give our sincere thanks to the many people at Pampers who have helped Graham’s Foundation support more parents of preemies over the years. Our ongoing partnership with Pampers has expanded our reach more than we might have once dreamed possible by providing the infrastructure and resources necessary to put thousands more care packages in the hands of moms and dads in the NICU every year. And our prominent placement in the Pampers Rewards listings has introduced many NICU doctors and nurses as well as parents to our cause.

Being a part of the #betterforbaby campaign not only helps us financially, but more importantly raises awareness of what we do for families and what families of preemies do for their babies. Together there is so much we can do to make life #betterforbaby, from the simplest things like giving our preemies our presence as much as we can to making sure every mom and dad of a premature baby knows that they’re not going through it alone.

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