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About The Author: Nick Hall

Nick Hall

Nick founded Graham's Foundation in memory of his son, whom he lost to prematurity. Graham's Foundation supports parents through the journey of prematurity and is committed to making sure that no parent goes through that journey alone.

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  1. My book, Tiny But Mighty, Life In the NICU And At Home With My Micro Preemies, came out today on Amazon. It documents my journey of unexpectedly delivering my twin boys 11 hours a part at 24+1 and 24+2. They stayed 105 and 134 days in the NICU. I also wrote about life at home with them until their first birthday. My hope was it would provide insight and tips for someone just beginning their journey with a micro preemie and also information for friends and family on how to support them. I thought it might be something you would see as beneficial to your audience. Please find more at

    1. Laura Martin

      Hi! Congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing with us!