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A Journey of Courage and Faith: Our Preemie Story

A Journey of Courage and Faith: Our Preemie Story

Today’s post comes from preemie mom Lauren, who is an English teacher, wife to Danny, and mother to preemie Christian Hodges. She and her family live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and enjoy house projects, as well as outdoor activities. This is their story: My husband Danny and I eagerly anticipated a weekend getaway from […]

Have You Heard About #NICUHour?

Have You Heard About #NICUHour?

Today we’re sharing a Q&A with Lottie King, founder and head of Leo’s Neonatal in the UK. Leo’s Neonatal cares for families during premature and traumatic labour, in the neonatal unit and beyond. They also have support programs for medical staff in NICU and maternity! We had a chance to chat over email with Lottie […]

A Preemie Mom's 20 Step Guide to Surviving the Kindergarten IEP

A Preemie Mom’s 20 Step Guide to Surviving the Kindergarten IEP

I was asked recently to provide my thoughts on preparing for and surviving Eliza’s IEP as she transitioned from preschool to Kindergarten.  Much of relates to life in New York City, but may be helpful if you live outside of the city or state. And as always, your mileage may vary: 1. Get a neuro-psych […]

Things Preemie Parents Wish You Knew

In January 2017, we found out we were pregnant. But over the next several months, a complicated pregnancy wreaked havoc while the life inside fought right along with me. He came early, weighing in much smaller than a baby his age should have. Minutes later, NICU parents were born. And a new journey began. It […]

How Much Will You Tell Your Preemie about Their Premature Birth?

When kids reach a certain age, it’s not uncommon for them to express an interest in birth and babyhood. For parents of preemies, this phase – in which baby books suddenly become more popular than story books – can be a tough one. The reality of premature birth isn’t always pretty. And sometimes premature birth […]

You Know You're a Preemie Parent in the NICU When...

You Know You’re a Preemie Parent in the NICU When…

…you measure your baby’s weight in grams. And the answer to “How old is your baby?” is a story, not a number. You sometimes feel more like a nurse than a mom or a dad. You’ve thought about buying stock in hand sanitizer. Five pound babies look huge, and eight pound babies look impossible. Of […]

Things You Might Not Know About Preeclampsia

Most of us hope for a “perfect pregnancy,” even though we know that the pregnancy journey is a highly individual one. Preeclampsia is one issue that can quickly turn a typical pregnancy into a scary roller-coaster ride and is a major cause of premature birth. If you’re not familiar with preeclampsia, it is a pregnancy […]