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Preemie Parent Tips: 8 Ways to Take a Break When You’re a NICU Parent

Parenting in the NICU is exhausting – physically, mentally, and emotionally. It takes a huge toll on your body and your spirit, and that’s true even when your journey is a relatively easy one. If you’re coping with the effects of extreme prematurity or your preemie is sick, you’re facing an even longer, tougher road. […]

Newborn Premature in Incubator

Continuous and Multiple Waves: The Many Emotions of Preterm Birth

The title of this post came from a study conducted in 2014 that found that mothers in particular have strong, varied, and long-term reactions to preterm birth. While most of us are personally and acutely aware of that fact, it was nice that the study’s conclusion recommended that more attention be paid to preemie parents’ […]

Kangaroo Care Is Good for Preemie Parents, Too

When you’re new to premature birth, everything is scary. Just looking at your preemie (and all their medical accessories) can be frightening. And the thought of holding a preemie? Terrifying! But at the same time, most new parents are desperate to hold their babies because they instinctively know that physical contact is a vital part […]

When the NICU Journey Never Seems to End

Leaving the hospital without your preemie is hard enough. Facing an uncertain future is doubly hard. Many of us are told that we shouldn’t expect to bring our preemies home until they’ve reached their due dates. Some of us are pleasantly surprised to bring our babies home before that ballpark discharge day. But other parents […]

Coping with Preemie Parent PTSD

The prematurity journey is so different for all of us. One preemie or multiple babies, triumphs and devastating losses, challenging pregnancies, and other factors change how premature birth shapes parents’ experiences. The things we all face are stress, uncertainty, and fear. Would it surprise you to learn that even parents whose preemies face relatively short […]

Parents of Preemies Talk About Their Introduction to the NICU

Parents of Preemies Talk About Their Introduction to the NICU

Recently, on Facebook, we asked parents of preemies a simple question: did you know the NICU before your baby was admitted? As in, did you know where and what the NICU was? Was it part of the prenatal hospital tour? Did your care provider talk about premature birth and the possibility that your baby might […]