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Preemie Parent Loss Mentors

Connecting Preemie Parents with Preemie Parents

Our Preemie Parent Mentor Program focuses on providing resources and peer support to parents throughout their child’s prematurity journey. We have a team of trained parent (and grandparent) volunteers, each of whom has had their own experience with prematurity. Our mentors can help parents from the early days in the NICU to the transition home, and also, if they experience a loss.

Through our partnership with Parent to Parent USA, our program has the resources and ability to provide gentle support and encouragement. Every prematurity journey is unique, but please know that you are not alone. Mentors are available by video call, phone, text, or email. Parents are matched with mentors who have had a similar prematurity experience. 

Based on your needs, there are two ways to connect with a mentor:

For any questions please contact our Program Director, Meegan Snyder meegan.s@grahamsfoundation.org

Preemie Parent Mentors Loss Inquiry

A general inquiry form for the Preemie Parent Mentors Program, to be sent to the program director.
  • Please include any questions or comments you may have about the program, as well as any specific details about the support you are seeking so that we can provide the best possible match.

Please view our current Preemie Parent Mentors’ profiles to learn more about their experiences and how they provide support to fellow preemie parents.

Graham’s Foundation has joined with Parent to Parent USA as a community partner. We follow their researched and endorsed practices for parent support. For more information about Parent to Parent, check out their website at p2pusa.org.