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How to Advocate, Pumping and Nursing Support

Meet Nicholle, Preemie Parent Mentor

My preemie(s) was born at: 27 & 3 weeks
Days spent in the NICU: 68
Current age of preemie(s): 1
Parent of Multiples:
Our NICU Journey included: A difficult pregnancy and being on bed rest. Lung issues as well as struggling to advocate for my baby. Support for pumping and breastfeeding. Balancing a child at home while having a child in the NICU.

Every day in the NICU can feel like a lifetime, even when everything was happening so quickly. I remember feeling so alone and lost in this new world. One of my biggest challenges during our NICU journey was the fact that I had an older child waiting for me at home. I felt constantly pulled in different directions. Finding a balance through that period was a huge challenge.

Through all of this, having a solid support system really helped. I knew I wanted to be a source of encouragement for other parents after we left our hospital. It’s so hard to find someone who understands what you are going through in this experience and I want to be a support for other parents who felt like me. I also want to help those parents find their voice in this chaos. I’d like to help encourage parents to be their child’s voice.

Three things every parent should know are:

  1. You are still the parent and you have rights – you are your baby’s biggest advocate!
  2. Always listen to your instincts.
  3. Every journey is different.

Breastfeeding a Preemie & Pumping Support

While not every preemie – or preemie mom – can breastfeed, many preemie parents want to give their babies the benefits of breast milk (also sometimes called human milk). Moms of preemies can sometimes encounter difficulties when attempting to breastfeed or while pumping, and often it’s support from other parents and experts that makes all the difference.