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Parent Mentor Program Adviser

Meet Parijat Deshpande, Preemie Parent Mentor Program Adviser

Having a high-risk pregnancy or a baby in the NICU can feel extremely isolating. Your friends and family try to be supportive but no one really gets how afraid you are of what could happen to your baby.

And that loneliness just makes the worry and stress that you feel even more overwhelming.

As someone who has experienced a very high-risk pregnancy, weeks of bedrest and spent months in the NICU watching my micropreemie fight for his life, I understand. I remember wishing I had someone to talk to who really understood and could help me cope with all of the ups and downs that we faced while fighting to bring our son home.

That is why I’ve used my training in clinical psychology and combined it with my personal experiences to offer support to moms with high-risk pregnancies or who have babies in the NICU who are scared, worried and overwhelmed. I help them lower their stress and anxiety so they can feel calmer and more confident so they can be more present with their little miracle.

As advisor to the Graham’s Foundation Parent Mentor Program, my role is to support mentors who feel they need assistance in helping a preemie parent who is struggling. Mentors may refer parents to me in cases where extra support is need.

You don’t have to figure this out alone.

You’re doing an amazing job taking care of your little one. It’s time to let someone take care of you.

To learn more about my services and my background please visit my website.

Parijat Deshpande as Master’s of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology. She is also a Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Stress Management Coach and a Certified Marriage Educator.