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A Q&A with the Creators of the MyPreemie app for Preemie Parents

A Q&A with the Creators of the MyPreemie app for Preemie Parents

What inspired the creation of the MyPreemie app? The app was a natural evolution from our book Preemies: The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies. It doesn’t substitute for the book, but complements and adds to it, putting at parents’ fingertips, right on their mobile devices, key information, tools, and emotional support they need […]

How Much Will You Tell Your Preemie about Their Premature Birth?

When kids reach a certain age, it’s not uncommon for them to express an interest in birth and babyhood. For parents of preemies, this phase – in which baby books suddenly become more popular than story books – can be a tough one. The reality of premature birth isn’t always pretty. And sometimes premature birth […]

You Know You're a Preemie Parent in the NICU When...

You Know You’re a Preemie Parent in the NICU When…

…you measure your baby’s weight in grams. And the answer to “How old is your baby?” is a story, not a number. You sometimes feel more like a nurse than a mom or a dad. You’ve thought about buying stock in hand sanitizer. Five pound babies look huge, and eight pound babies look impossible. Of […]

Things You Might Not Know About Preeclampsia

Most of us hope for a “perfect pregnancy,” even though we know that the pregnancy journey is a highly individual one. Preeclampsia is one issue that can quickly turn a typical pregnancy into a scary roller-coaster ride and is a major cause of premature birth. If you’re not familiar with preeclampsia, it is a pregnancy […]

Preemie Moms Share Their Pre-eclampsia Symptoms

Preemie Moms Share Their Pre-eclampsia Symptoms

Pre-eclampsia Awareness Month may be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean we have to stop doing our part to introduce pregnant mothers to the symptoms of pre-e! We’ve asked moms to share their symptoms in their own words because everyone’s experience with pre-eclampsia looks a little different. If you’re experiencing any of the […]