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Preemies Contents

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Chapter 1. In the Womb: Why Premature Birth Happens and What Can Be Done to Prevent It

Chapter 2. Welcome to the World: Your Baby’s Delivery

Chapter 3. The First Day

Chapter 4. The First Week

Chapter 5. Settling Down in Hospital

Chapter 6. If Your Baby Needs Surgery

Chapter 7. Finally Taking Your Baby Home

Chapter 8. From Preemie to Preschool (and Beyond)

Chapter 9. When Parents Have Something Special to Worry About

Chapter 10. Losing a Baby

Chapter 11. I Was A Preemie, Too

Appendix 1: Risk Factors for Prematurity: Who’s at Risk?

Appendix 2: Conversion Charts for Weight and Temperature

Appendix 3: Growth Charts

Appendix 4: A Schedule for Multiples

Appendix 5: CPR Birth to One Year

Appendix 6: Resources for Parents of Premature Babies