Remembering Luigi

Luigi Trenti Paroli

June 9, 1996 – January 19, 2017


Luigi Trenti Paroli

Luigi was born ten weeks before term, suffered from one of the worst complications of a premature birth, but survived and thrived. After spending six weeks in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, he came home to his family. He grew into a chubby baby, a bilingual toddler, a five-year- old who adored books and wrote poems, a sailor, a bright student, a gifted musician… For a too brief time, the extraordinary young man many of you knew, appreciated, and loved.

It is particularly tragic that Luigi ended his own life, considering how lucky he had been at birth to be saved by advanced medical care and come out of that tunnel apparently unscathed. Luigi was a miracle. His life will always be a miracle to us. We will always feel that we were the luckiest people for having him, even for only twenty short years.

Since Luigi’s birth, most of his mother Emma’s professional writing has been focused on helping other parents of premature babies, partly as a sign of thanks for her son’s life. Donations to Graham’s Foundation will honor Luigi’s memory by supporting a non-profit organization devoted to helping families of premature babies in the NICU and beyond not to feel alone in their journey, by providing them with information and practical and emotional support. Please look at their website to find out more about their motivation and mission.
We hope you will agree that they deserve our generous help.

Thank you.

The Trenti Paroli family 


 Graham’s Foundation is committed to a world where no parent goes through the preemie journey alone.