Graham's Research Corner

We pride ourselves on representing the priorities and needs of preemies and their families. Our aim is to help shape and support breakthroughs through strategic partnerships focused not only on preemie outcomes, but also family-centered care in the NICU and beyond.

Our focus on research is providing us with a unique opportunity to transform the journey of prematurity for not only the parents who reach out to us, but for all preemie parents as well as babies, children, and all others whose lives are touched by premature birth.

Below you will find studies that our Research Committee has reviewed and we encourage your participation.

Parent to Parent Support in Early Intervention

Researcher: Robin Dodds, Ph.D
Institution: Charter College of Education

In this study we hope to learn about the impacts of Parent to Parent support in Early Intervention on families and children.

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Preterm birth and its impact on the maturation of executive function

Researcher: A/Prof. Samudragupta Bora
Institution: The University of Queensland

Perinatal and neonatal care has improved considerably over the past 25 years leading to dramatic improvements in the survival of infants born preterm. Their long-term neurodevelopmental outcomes however, still remain an area of significant concern and represents a major global public health challenge.

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Mothers’ Decision-making for Preterm Infant Sleep: What are the Influencing Factors?

Researcher: Beverly Capper
Institution: Case Western Reserve University

Caring for a preterm baby can be challenging. We are seeking ways to better understand decisions regarding sleep arrangements for preterm infants.

This is a one-time survey that should take approximately 15-20 minutes.

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