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95 Days in the NICU tells the incredible story of how one tiny life can invite huge kindness. Avie Banks details her son's first few months on the planet as a micro preemie while highlighting how her family, community, and faith helped ease the copious challenges he faced.

Features stories from real preemie moms and survival tips based on their stories.

A complimentary resource for NICU Parents from the NICU Parent Support Site. In this free eBook NICU, preemie parents can find information, support and resources for understanding the NICU and ICU.

Four Before Their Time is the true story of four babies surviving on a razor’s edge, one mom's overwhelming and guilt-ridden entrance into parenthood, and an entire family's experiences with extreme premature birth. It will take all the faith, hope, and resilience the Spillane family can muster – along with more than a few miracles – just to get the quadruplets home.

As a specialist in high-risk obstetrics and the father of a child born prematurely, Wolfberg explores the profound questions raised by such fragile beginnings, both from the front lines of the NICU and from his daughter’s bedside.

In her memoir, Jennifer Degl brings her readers on an emotional roller coaster: from the decision to get pregnant with her fourth child and nearly dying four times during her pregnancy—to the birth of her daughter, Joy, seventeen weeks early, and this tiny baby’s fight to survive.

Deanna Fei was just five-and-a-half months pregnant when she inexplicably went into labor. Minutes later, she met her tiny baby who clung to life support inside a glass box. Fei was forced to confront terrifying questions: How to be the mother of a child she could lose at any moment. Whether her daughter would survive another day--and whether she should. But as she watched her daughter fight for her life, Fei discovered the power of the mother-child bond at its most elemental.

From the indignities of infertility treatments to managing bedrest and parenting a preemie (how does one wrangle an oxygen tank while changing a diaper?), Alexa recounts her rocky road to motherhood with a uniquely sharp, funny, yet poignant voice.

MeTwo Books creates children's books that celebrate what makes each child wonderfully unique. Our self- funded and self-published books are characterized by rhythmic rhyming text and colorful charming illustrations.  Empower and entertain your child with the gift of a good book.

Heartwarming yet realistic, these stories inspire even as they portray the families' attempts to cope with losing the typical birth experience, listening to insensitive remarks, going home without their babies, and communicating with medical professionals. This is a powerful, love-filled, personal resource for parents of tiny infants.

This short book can serve as a light introduction to the NICU and foster further discussion with your other children or young relatives. It is best read together, ideally before a visit to the NICU.

Valerie Pankow's well written and illustrated account of her son's reactions to his premature brother offers a child's eye view of the intensive care nursery--one which will help inform and support other children with a teddy bear-sized new baby.

Jenné Johns, mom to a micro-preemie son, wrote, “Once Upon a Preemie” to motivate, encourage, and inspire parents whose children land in the NICU. She hopes this book uplifts families during the most fragile time of parenthood.

Within the pages of this comprehensive guide, parents will find compassionate support, practical suggestions for coping and adjusting, and advice that empowers them to handle an array of emotions.

“Preemie the Explorer: The Little Rocket Who Took Off Too Soon” is designed to help children understand that being different and confronting social challenges, can be like a wild, exciting ride through space! Our hero, Preemie the Explorer, is a cheeky, lovable rocket who is in the process of being built when a frightening storm forces him to take off before his outer shell and turbo thrusters are attached. This is an intergalactic preterm birth!

The first time Kasey was wheeled into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), nothing prepared her for what she saw: a tiny, fragile baby in a tangle of tubes and wires. All at once, Kasey was confronted with a new and terrifying reality that would test the limits of love, family, and motherhood.

This guide highlights the urgency of prenatal care to prevent premature birth and how to stay healthy during pregnancy. It also discusses how to track the baby's growth during each trimester.

Stronger Than We Thought - Poetry for the Preemie Mom's Journey, offers a one of a kind look into preemie parenthood, through the experience of Kaleena Berryman, the mother of a 24 weeker preemie miracle, Jharid. The book is filled with poetry from the eyes of a preemie mom, and will surely resonate with all mothers who gave birth to their children long before they were due. Kaleena also writes at

Supreemie (short for Super Preemie) is more than just a word to describe the amazing preemie babies all over the world. And it's more than just a children's book about a preemies NICU experience.

We are a brand dedicated to acknowledging and highlighting the great strength, resilience, and pure awesomeness of preemie babies.

This book is a gentle and soothing story for parents and babies who celebrate tiny moments in the NICU. Illustrated by Shelly Hehenberger and written by Sandra M. Lane MA SLP and Brenda S. Miles PhD, The Moment You Were Born was released October 15, 2015 in time for Prematurity Awareness Month in November in the USA and World Prematurity Day on November 17.

A comprehensive resource, covering topics from delivery, hospitalization, and preemie development to parenting multiples, handling health issues, and finding special-needs programs.

I gave birth unexpectedly to my micropreemie boys at 24+1 and 24+2 weeks. They weighed 1 lb 5 oz and 1 lb 8 oz and stayed in the NICU 105 and 134 days, respectively. Before their first birthday I started writing their story - this is the result: the good, the hard, and the humorous.

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