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Jlyasdi's Journey is a non-profit organization that is a Christian based preemie service. Our mission is to provide encouragement and support such as lodging, food, travel expenses, and prayer pagers to Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) families.

Lending a fathers voice in the world of prematurity - a place where dads can connect and share their stories.

The official Facebook page of Parents of Preemies Day, a day of awareness recognizing the courage and commitment of parents of premature babies and children. Thousands of parents share photos and stories.

A blog for parents and family of preemie babies! I talk about everything from high-risk pregnancies to having preemies, spending time in the NICU, bringing baby home, raising a preemie, and much more. Come read parent stories and share your experiences with us!

Preemie Mama is a blog dedicated to life after a premature birth. As parents of preemies, it's hard to find the information we need to handle life in a completely different world. I want to educate people about what it is like and to help those who have been there to heal.

Preemie Power is a movement. It's all about celebrating the strength of the tiniest heroes, connecting families in a meaningful way, and informing the community about prematurity.

Welcome to Preemie Prints, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, offering information, support, photography, NICU gift bags, and prayer to moms and families with a premature baby.

Helping families who have a child in the intensive care unit by providing care packages that offer a touch of comfort while building cherished memories.

The Sweet Pea Project offers comfort, support and gentle guidance to families who have experienced the death of a baby.

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