Products for Preemie Families

Koziecare and Kozie Clothes is committed to produce fun, stylish, comfortable clothing and products to the Pediatric Special Needs community.

Since the mid-90′s, our newest minority consists of the tiniest humans, born weighing less than two pounds. This award-winning 43 minute film describes the psycho-social impact of such a birth upon the family unit.

MyPreemie offers amazingly comprehensive information in a “Pocket Guide to Preemies” that will turn your mobile device into a compact guide to prematurity.

Neotech is a leader in the development of innovative neonatal, pediatric and respiratory products that can help patients globally. They specialize in creating skin friendly products that are ideal for neonates.

We are the pioneers in neonatal ergonomics engineering specializing in developmentally supportive and family-centered care.

Having a child that is born premature can be a very traumatic rollercoaster ride and these apps created by the Australian charity Life’s Little Treasures Foundation aim to make the experience easier. The apps provide a place to store your baby’s medical progress, a journal and easy explanations to the words, machinery and medical terms that you hear in the NICU/SCN.

Snoedel is the original sleeping and bonding aid for babies completely handcrafted in the United States by moms, grandmothers, and female college students under "newborn-safe" conditions (environments free of tobacco and perfumes.)

Supreemie (short for Super Preemie) is more than just a word to describe the amazing preemie babies all over the world. And it's more than just a children's book about a preemies NICU experience.

We are a brand dedicated to acknowledging and highlighting the great strength, resilience, and pure awesomeness of preemie babies.

Swaddle bathing keeps babies warm and happy during bath time so they can focus their energy on growth and development. The TurtleTub is widely used by NICUs for infant bathing. The TurtleTub design, features, and accessories make it easy for you to swaddle and bathe your preemie at home.

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