Preemie-Focused Twitter Accounts

Preemie Mom who decided to look at the humorous side and create funny onesies for our little miracles.

Dedicated to improving the quality of life for critically ill and extremely premature infants.

The story of premature twins, Isaac & Molly, born at 24 weeks and how their survival changed a family.

Nonprofit Org. Supporting Families of Those Born Premature or Ill. NICU family support, preemie playgroups, organize donations for KC NICUs www.NICUnet.org.

After 2 early birds (one 500g 25-weeker and one robust 33 weeker) I’ve decided to spend more time thinking about NICUs, not living in them.

Neonatal Intensive Care R.N. launching brand new preemie website to provide information and support to parents of a preemie or baby in the NICU.

Diplomat College of Physicians(AAIM), Listed Provider on MedEdppd.org, Cert.Breastfeeding Ed., Mind/Body Med.for prevention of pre-term birth, Neonatal Dev. Sp.

OB/GYN and mom of two 26 week boys. Author of The Preemie Primer. My tweets are not medical advice.

Supporting Preemie Parents in Difficult Times

As we work together through these challenging times, you may have questions about how Graham’s Foundation is supporting our preemie parent community. Fortunately, because our support programs have always been delivered virtually, we are equipped to deliver all of our programs today, tomorrow, and into the future to continue to meet the psychosocial needs of parents.

Our Care Packages offer helpful tips for self-care and navigating the NICU and going home (our supplies have been in stock since before the COVID-19 outbreak), our MyPreemie app provides critical preemie-related information and helps parents journal their NICU experience, and our three dozen trained mentors are available to lend an ear and offer words of advice and encouragement.

In such a difficult time, it is more important than ever that we are here for the most vulnerable members of our community and Graham’s Foundation is ready. We are grateful to our volunteers and the individuals and industry partners who make generous donations that enable us to develop and deliver our support programs.

In Gratitude,

Nicholas Hall, Founder

Graham’s Foundation