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Graham’s Gift Guide

We hope you like the products we recommend! Just so you know, Graham’s Foundation does not receive any compensation for any click throughs or sales from any of these items. There are suggestions from our preemie parents staff members for preemie parents – and we want this list to grow! Send us your preemie suggestions to: blog@grahamsfoundation.org

Toys For Preemies

Some Preemies are easily overstimulated by toys that have lots of digital beeps, bells and whistles. Simple toys – aka “classic” are suggested. A few suggestions:

1. Fisher-Price Rock a Stack

It’s a classic.  Rings are bright and lightweight, but not flimsy.  Rocking base encourages curiosity. Bonus is that it’s budget friendly.

2. IKEA Mula Stacking Rings

Cute wooden stacker is made of solid beechwood and non toxic lacquers and paints. Will hold up to stacking, throwing and chewing.

3. B. Toys One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks

100% non toxic, squishy yet solid enough to stack blocks are great for baby and as they grow. Baby can learn numbers and animals from the decorated sides.

4. Melissa & Doug Match and Build Soft Blocks

Lighweight, soft and perfect for tiny hands. The 10 soft cubes and four felt-covered triangles. Bright colors encourage reaching and grasping, and soft textures engage the senses. These are also great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

5. Fisher-Price Baby’s First blocks Shape sorter

Another classic from Fisher Price! These chunky, colorful blocks help introduce colors and shapes as babies sort, stack and drop the blocks through the slots in the bucket lid.
Fun for your little one.

6. OBall Classic Grasp Toy

OBall has many versions but the classic or OBall Rattle are the two best for preemies. Easy to grasp, shake and hold.  Easy to clean as well!

7. WubbaNub

A great pacifier for babies coming out of the NICU. The medical grade, silicone pacifier is similar to the ones used in the NICU. The animal of your choice helps keep the pacifier near the baby’s mouth without using cord or clips. Plus it is easy for baby to grasp.

Children’s Books

1. “I Was a Preemie” by Ali Dunn

A wonderful children’s book that shows preemies what they went through, and that they are not alone. It is great for preemies of any age but was developed specifically for younger children to help them understand their own premature start. Available on her website as well as Amazon.

Preemie Clothing

1. Evie Rae Crochet

Evie Rae Crochet specializes in knit and crocheted items for babies through adults, as well as items to fit 18 inch dolls! Evie Rae Crochet are a military spouse owned and operated business. All items are made by hand by a grandmother, granddaughter team and are packaged with care and attention to detail. We have multiple hat options available in both micro preemie and preemie sizes. Many of their preemie options are customizable in the size and colors of your choice! Plus they are always open to custom requests!

2. The Preemie Store

An amazing web store for all things preemie related.  Clothes for micros 1 lb and up. Cothes for the NICU, Preemie gear, “Do Not Touch” tags and already featured WubbaNubs among other items!

For Preemie Parents

1. Life With Grace by Jennifer Schwertfeger

“Life with Grace” is the inspirational story about how one preemie’s will to survive gave an entire family strength.  “Life with Grace” is a heartfelt memoir and helpful resource for families struggling to navigate the NICU experience. One in every eight babies born in the United States is premature, and Grace is living proof that faith can carry you through journeys that feel impossible.

2. Preemies: The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies.

The only parent reference book for preemies of its kind. Graham’s Foundation may be a bit biased on this choice as it is our reference guide and Dr. Mia Doran is not only a board member but helped develop the My Preemie app.

3. Temperfect Javabliss Travel Mug

This mug extracts the excess heat from your beverage right away, stores it, and then puts it back in to keep the temperature just right for hours. Joeveo is a small travel mug manufacturer in the small town of Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA. It also keeps cold beverages and smoothies cold for hours!

4. Mighty Mug

The travel mug that will not tip over but lifts up naturally when you need a sip. Double insulated to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. They also make not knock over insulated cold drinks, ceramic mugs and glassware.

5. Women’s gloves

These will keep you warm without being bulky, and you can type on your phone while wearing them! Plus, they are an amazing price.

6. Men’s Gloves

Great cold weather gloves that still let you type on your phone.  Many rave reviews for this one!