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For NICU Professionals

The support of NICU professionals helps parents of preemies face the challenges prematurity brings with strength and hope. Observing Parents of Preemies Day in your NICU is one way you can show the moms and dads who trust you with their babies’ care that their resilience isn’t going unnoticed. Here are some ways you can do just that:

1. Purchase Proud Parent of a Preemie gear to hand out to parents in your NICU on the first Sunday in May and encourage them to be proud of everything they and their babies have accomplished so far.

2. Provide a meal or snacks at your NICU on this year’s Parents of Preemies Day to celebrate with your NICU’s parents. Print a NICU Parents of Preemies Day Poster (see editable file below) to accompany your treat and thank the parents of the babies in your care for all they do.

You can also hang this poster so the parents of the preemies in your care know Parents of Preemies Day is coming: PPD NICU Poster

3. Host, attend or help at a Parents of Preemies Day Event in your area. Help by being an exhibitor or providing ideas for other exhibitors – help organizers determine what moms and dads want to see at the event.

4. Spread the word about Parents of Preemies Day through your hospital newsletter, postings on social media, being a part of the next Parents of Preemies Day Twitter chat and by hanging posters in your NICU and throughout the hospital.