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Parents of preemies are strong, courageous, and committed, but it’s rare for these special moms and dads to have an opportunity to celebrate all they do for their babies and kids. Now parents and their loved ones can show their preemie parent pride and their support of Graham’s Foundation with our signature t-shirts, car decals, jewelry, and more. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or to support your favorite preemie parent, we hope you appreciate this opportunity to share the pride that should always be an important part of the prematurity journey. 

All proceeds from your purchase benefit Graham’s Foundation and the work we do for parents of preemies. Contact us for information about ordering items in bulk for special events, the families in your NICU, or a Parents of Preemies Day celebration.

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    Care Package – NICU

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  • Remembrance Care Package for grieving parents

    Care Package – Remembrance

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  • Transition Home care package

    Care Package – Transition Home

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  • Four Before Their Time: A Story of Hope, Resilience and Miracles

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  • Go Preemies! Inspirational Stories of the World’s Most Famous Preemies

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  • Hope, Resilience, and Miracles Dog Tag Necklace

    Hope-Resilience-Miracles Dog Tag Necklace

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  • Hope-Resilience-Miracles Embroidered District Made Slub Polo - Men

    Hope-Resilience-Miracles Embroidered District Made Slub Polo – Men’s

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  • Hope, Resilience and Miracles Greeting Card

    Hope-Resilience-Miracles Greeting Card

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  • Hope, Resilience and Miracles Onesie

    Hope-Resilience-Miracles Onesie

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    Online Donation

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  • Proud Parent or Grandparent of a Preemie Magnets

    Parents of Preemies Day – Proud Grandparent of a Preemie Magnet

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  • MyPreemie Card Front

    Postcards – My Preemie App – 6″ X 4″

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