How You Can Help Preemie Parents

When a friend, relative, or other loved one gives birth prematurely, you may feel helpless to support them. Their world is in turmoil – and they obviously need help, but what kind? There’s no one right or wrong way to support a mom or dad coping with the challenges of prematurity, but often the best thing you can do is simply let them know you care.

We can help you do that through our care package program. Whether the preemie parent in your life is new to the prematurity journey, making the transition from hospital to home, or grieving after having to say goodbye far too soon, ordering one of our complementary care packages and having it delivered right to the NICU or a parent’s home shows them you’re thinking of them.

More importantly, it helps them see they are not alone. Our care packages introduce parents to a world of support and understanding most people don’t know exists until they need it. Parents of preemies weather the challenges prematurity brings more easily when they have a strong network of support. We’re proud to be building those networks.

How else can you help? We created this list to give you a few more ways to support the preemie parents in your life.

10 Things You Can Do for a Parent of a Preemie

1. Cheer them on. Saying “You’re stronger than you know, and your baby is strong like you.”

2. Go food shopping for them, then cook, freeze, and share a couple of meals that are easy to reheat. Don’t wait to be asked!

3. Help them get to and from the hospital when transportation is an issue.

4. Just listen. Parents of preemies may have thoughts or feelings you don’t understand, but you don’t have to ‘get it.’

5. Walk the dog, feed the cat, mow the lawn, watch the kids… anything that gives a preemie parent less to do at home.

6. Be understanding when a mom or dad of a preemie doesn’t have a lot of time for you.

7. Let them cry when they need to.

8. Give gifts preemies can use right now, like preemie-sized hats or clothes designed specifically for use in NICUs.

9. Cancel and reschedule a visit when you know you’ve been exposed to germs – even if you don’t feel sick.

10. Remind them as often as you can that they’re a great mom or dad!