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Did you know that if you contribute to Graham’s Foundation today, your support will do more than ever before – now and into the future?

Through the years, care-packages-for-parents-of-preemiesour mission has existed in a state of evolution, from our early direct support initiatives to our recent efforts to help parents of preemies make their voices heard in the research and advocacy spaces. And last year we acquired the transformative MyPreemie app – a tool that empowered us to reach parents whenever and wherever they needed support.

Our care packages exist in a continuous state of development, and we need your help. Our initiatives have changed dramatically over the years to meet the changing needs of parents of preemies and our ongoing care packages updates are a part of that.

With your financial support and the input of hundreds of preemie parents we’ve surveyed over the past year, we’ll be able to update our care packages periodically to better serve parents of preemies when they need it most: at the beginning of the journey and as they make the transition home. Now our goal is to ship as many of them as we can to families coping with the realities of premature birth.

Research shows that parents of preemies struggle with clinical depression, anxiety, and PTSD. But it also shows that parents who receive support from other parents of premature babies feel less stress, and report fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Our redesigned care packages provide that touch point that can reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and fear in the NICU and beyond. But we need sponsor support to put these care packages into the hands of families across the US., and that’s why we’re asking for your help right now.

Today, your donation will do more than sponsor a box of care packages. Give today and your support will help us enhance the way we give direct support to parents for years to come.

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