Volunteer Opportunities

Graham’s Foundation could not fulfill its purpose if it was not for our team of dedicated volunteers! There is plenty to do, and we welcome everyone who is interested in supporting the parents of premature babies to fill out our volunteer application. Many of our volunteers are parents of preemies but we have numerous volunteering opportunities that are open to anyone.

volunteering preemie parents

Share Your Skills

Our general and administrative volunteers take on many tasks, from helping to assemble our care packages for parents of preemies, to sewing a Little Lovely Scent Cloth, to acting as our representatives at industry conferences and events or in local NICUs. Please don’t hesitate to contact Graham’s Foundation if you have a specific task or role in mind or you can offer your expertise in any administrative area.

Serve as a Parent Resource

Our team of Preemie Parent Resource volunteers is responsible for providing encouragement and support to parents of preemies who reach out to Graham’s Foundation. The goal of the Parent Resource program is to give moms and dads one-on-one access to other parents of premature infants and children who have had similar NICU and other experiences. Contact happens through email and/or phone conversations. For more information, fill out our Preemie Parent Mentor application or email [email protected].

Become a NICU Ambassador

Graham’s Foundation created its NICU Ambassador program to give parents of preemies a way to help parents who are entering the unfamiliar, overwhelming, and stressful world of the NICU. Our Ambassadors act as our representatives in NICUs across the U.S. so we can understand and respond to the needs of specific hospitals and connect with moms and dads of preemies at the local level. For more information, fill out our NICU Ambassador application or email [email protected].

Be a Part of Our Research & Advocacy Efforts

Sign up to share your perspective through us with researchers, organizations, and companies working to improve outcomes in the prematurity space. Your experiences as a parent of a preemie can become the basis for real change in the NICU and beyond.

Help Us Redeem Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

When parents choose Pampers products like diapers, wipes, training pants, and swim diapers, they can redeem their Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards points for a donation to Graham’s Foundation. But sometimes parents, NICUs and other organizations send their points to us, and entering those takes time. If you’re looking for an easy, low-commitment way to help us reach our goals, contact [email protected] to learn more about how you can help us redeem the thousands of points collected for us. All it takes is an internet connection and time!