I was searching the Internet for some sort of support for my sister who had a preemie and was struggling with leaving her baby boy at the hospital every night.  I came across your website and it offered everything I needed.  I got in touch with one of your volunteers, Selena, via email and passed her information on to my sister.  I also ordered a care package for her which she should get any day now.  There wasn’t any kind of support offered at the hospital she was at, even though it’s considered a major hospital.  I was grateful to have come across your website and have told everyone about it.  Preemie care has come along way and I wonder if that’s where the healthcare system assumes little support is needed for the parents.  My nephew is thriving.  Doing so great, even showing off a bit.  Nevertheless, it’s hard for my sister and her boyfriend to leave him every night.  And it’s hard for ME to watch it all.  My whole family struggles a bit with what to say, what not to say.  It’s nice to know that there is a foundation such as yours that is there to accommodate not just people on our situation, but others as well.   Thank you for being there.

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About The Author: Laura Sultan