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About The Author: Laura Martin

Laura Martin

A former middle and high school chorus teacher, Laura B. Martin is the Director of Parent Communication and Engagement at Graham’s Foundation. She is mom to Joseph, Campbell, and Emily. Joseph and Campbell, fraternal twins, were born at 24 weeks gestation. Campbell lived for 23 beautiful days. Joseph spent 228 days in the NICU and experienced a near fatal bout with NEC that left him with Short Bowel Syndrome. Joseph faces many complications as a result of his extreme prematurity. He has a g-tube, auditory neuropathy, hypotonic cerebral palsy, asthma, vision impairment, hypothyroidism, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and multiple food allergies. Even still, he is a happy and active child. Laura, her husband, Scott, Joseph, and Emily live in the South. Laura can be reached via email .

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  1. Nick


    Thanks so much for reminding me all that Jennifer and I have to be thankful for, too. The irony of today and Reece going through another series of tests related to her prematurity…In a moment you become aware of prematurity and your life is changed forever. I am grateful for all the gifts it has brought our family and until it is entirely prevented we will continue to fight for our preemies.